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Wednesday February 4, 2009 4:38 pm

Why Guys Can’t Ignore Valentine’s Day

The best way to gently remind men they can’t get away with ignoring V Day is to sweetly say “I got you your Valentine’s present today”.  Then they are almost obligated to return the gesture (almost). Another way is to decorate your place. Put out some heart candles or fill a heart bowl with candy. If they are smart enough to catch on (the odds are against us ladies), they’ll realize that Valentine’s Day is not so silly to you.

For the men out there who think they can pretend the February 14th is just like any other day, well, you can’t.  You must realize that receiving nothing on this hyped up holiday can be devastating for us (even if we play it off). You have no choice but to give in to this retail ploy to buy romantic stuff.  We’re not asking for a five page love letter or even a pricey dinner. We just want to see that you are capable of giving in to your complete and utter dislike for this holiday just to do something sweet for us. We also want to brag to our girlfriends about the flowers you sent, the sexy lingerie you bought for us, or even just the little pink monkey you left on the bed.  Basically, we want to brag about how sweet you can really be so everyone knows how lucky we are.



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