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Thursday July 15, 2010 10:39 am

Why are men and women so different in the getting over process?

Posted by Ashley Drapkin Categories: Editorials, Relationships

There have only been a select few guys I know that it had taken a little over a month to get over their ex-girlfriend or their ex-hook-up, but it is very rare that I find any guy trying to get over a girl after two months, if that. But, for instance when I have tried to get over a few guys it has taken me months or even years to finally be able to let go and these guys were never even my actual boyfriends. When I look back at the past “relationships” I’ve been through I realized it shouldn’t have taken me so long to get over these guys, especially considering the way they used to treat me.

Even recently trying to get over a guy still takes time because I don’t fall for guys, so when I do fall, I fall hard. I know most of the time it is my fault with the guys I go for because they aren’t the good guys - I go for the bad boys. I need to change that, but I am still trying to figure out why it is so much easier for a guy to get over a girl than a girl to get over a guy.

Guys and girls are completely different people which I understand, but what I don’t understand is how guys can be so heartless sometimes. When a guy sees a girl trying to get over him that should be a sign to leave her alone and not to continue texting and calling her. I can’t stand when guys try to pull me back when they see I am trying to get over them. I confront a guy about how I feel and he acknowledges it for two days then continues to contact me. Why are guys so much more complicated? And why are we so different than guys?

I know we are built differently emotionally, but I wish we weren’t so different. I wish guys were built with more of a heart sometimes, and I know not all guys are like this and it might just be the guys I go for, but then there needs to be more of the “good guy” in guys, as opposed to the “bad boy” in them.  Especially when it comes to letting girls get over them.



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