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Thursday January 15, 2009 6:09 pm

“Tell Me You Love Me”  Should He Always Say It First?

Posted by Vicky Lane Categories: Advice, Humor, Marriage, Relationships, Sex

Yes, I’ve said it first. I’ve actually said it first twice. What was I thinking, right? The funny thing about the first occasion was that we were actually having a conversation about it. It wasn’t some sappy, romantic, intense moment. He basically dared me to do it, and I did (give me a break we were really young). I swore after that moment I would NEVER be the first to say it again. If the guy was too chicken well too bad, I wouldn’t give in.

The second occasion was different. It was that sappy, romantic, staring into each others eyes moment. And he said “say it” to me! What could I do? The words were practically spilling out of my mouth already. So I justified it by thinking his “say it” was basically him telling me he loved me. So I said it…. again. Andt it was a sweet moment.

So should you give in? Well, it all depends. Some guys actually need the same reassurance that we need, and are just as scared that those words won’t be reciprocated. And that’s OK. Just as long as you feel it’s the right time (not a few days after meeting!) and you’re very confident that he feels the same way, then it shouldn’t matter who says it first.

My husband said it first to me (although he argues I said it first with my eyes smile ). It was a perfect moment that I’ll always remember (and hey, I deserved it, right?!)




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