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Tuesday May 26, 2009 9:25 am

Men’s Fashion Turn-Off #1: The Deep-V (Thanks American Apparel)

First you came out with these shirts.

American Apparel V-neck Shirts

Even on your model it is not pleasing to me eyes. I do not wish too see your chestpubes saying hello. No, thank you.

And then of course, about two seconds later, you dug even deeper and came out with these…

American Apparel Deep V

You call them the Deep V. I call them Deep Vomit.

How is this attractive? Unless you’re a figure skater, there’s no excuse why any male would want to walk around in these. The look makes me want to buy you a pearl necklace to go with the shirt. And maybe take you out for a mani-pedi while we drink champies in pink flutes.

Then of course, the fashion world jumped on the bandwagon…

Men Fashion Deep V

Naturally, the celebs followed suit…

Chuck Bass in Deep V Shirt

I mean, Chuck, my favorite Gossip Girl character, why, why? You super-scheming, brooding, sexy evil manchild you, in a self-inflicted deep-v t-shirt? Gross.

What’s next?

Will this next guy be deemed fashionable, not ridiculous?

Scary manorexic in deep V shirt

I’m sorry friends, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.



American Apparel, thank you. You started this. Thanks.

I thought the whole Joey Lawrence fiasco was the end of the man-cleavage trend, you remember that one?

Joey Lawrence Man Cleavage

But now… these v-neck shirts. They will haunt me forever. Thanks a lot.





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