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Wednesday July 14, 2010 2:11 am

Fake relationships stink!

Posted by Ashley Drapkin Categories: Editorials, Relationships

Fake relationships make it easier for the guy to be able to go out and mess around with other girls and not care because he isn’t fully committed, and I’m sure the same goes for women that go out and behave with whimsy. Well these fake relationships are the ones I’ve always been in and in actuality these aren’t healthy relationships at all, especially for a girl/woman.  We are a lot more emotional than boys/men. We take everything to heart and even when we say we don’t care we absolutely do care.

I can pretend and act like I don’t give a fig, but deep down I do and it hurts more to hide my emotions, but sometimes to keep the guy around it’s easier to pretend nothing bothers you. Nowadays it is so hard to find that one guy that wants to go out and have a real relationship with, so I just take what I can get from a guy I am interested in. Why is it so hard to find a guy that actually wants a sincere and all-out committed relationship?

If you’re in the same boat as I am, leave your comments below.  Helpful suggestions are also appreciated!



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