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Wednesday August 4, 2010 2:01 pm

Broken Marriages and Relationships

I know that everyone’s relationships are different, but seriously everyone cheats it’s ridiculous. Celebrities don’t have faithful marriages or relationships. I know you can’t go by the magazines because there is a lot of lies, but the lies have to be some truth.

But it all goes back to the fact that other then a few marriages that have worked I have seen so many relationships that no one stays faithful in. How do you say you love someone when you cheat on them over and over? Okay, you slip up once because you are young and naive, but then you cheat on them with two or three other people then why are you with this person still? Obviously you don’t love them as much as you say you do, and obviously aren’t happy in the relationship so get out of it instead of staying in it.

Marriages fail now because no one works on it. Things get rough, and people go and get a divorce instead of working through it. Or if someone cheats, yes that’s awful, but you are supposed to stay married through thick and thin—for better or worse, but instead of working on it going to therapy people just get a divorce. Obviously if the cheating happens continuously, I wouldn’t suggest for the person to stay in the marriage, but at least try to work on it.

Relationships and marriages are just so hard to trust. No one is loyal anymore, but hopefully later generations will get better then worse.



I do believe that cheating should never happen especially if you commit once, but its happened before and never happened again and if the couple goes through therapy and work on it it will make them stronger. Not saying it should ever happen because it definitely should never happen.

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