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Thursday November 20, 2008 1:37 pm

Beauty tips from a cheapskate

Posted by Colleen McKie Categories: Advice, How To

Bonne Belle lip Lights Glossy Tints

Tasty Treats
I have dry lips.  Summer, Winter, Fall, it doesn’t matter.  When my lips are really bad, any lipstick I put on looks horrible and gloppy and in some cases makes the dryness worse.  I hate going out with pale, dry lips which is why I love Bonne Belle lip Lights Glossy Tints.

These guys not only taste great, but they look great too!  I don’t wear a lot of make-up as a rule and I find that the sheer color the lip tints add to my lips is perfect.  It also eliminates embarrassing ring around the mouth you can get with other lip glosses and lipsticks.  They retail for around 3 to 4 dollars and come in a variety of yummy tastes like Cappuccino, Berry Smoothie, and my favorite, Mocha Creme.  Of course, if you’d rather go with nude lips, Bonne Belle Lip Smackers are a must have and come in oodles of great tastes.  Just because I’m no longer 10 doesn’t mean I’m going to give up my love of Bonne Belle.

A Homemade Solution
Body scrubs are great.  Body scrubs are a God send.  Body scrubs are expensive. 

I love using a body scrub a couple of times a week to exfoliate but, man, oh, man they can cost a bundle!  That’s why I started making my own.  It’s so easy I was actually embarrassed that I used to buy it.  Here’s the basic recipe:

- course salt
- sugar
- oil
- scent

I put equal parts salt and sugar together and mix them up.  Then I add a bit of oil at a time (I use olive), mixing until I get the consistency that I like.  I then add my fragrance oil and away I go.  Sometimes instead of the fragrance oil I’ll add ground coffee or hot chocolate for a wonderful wake up smell.  Mint chocolate body scrub is to die for!  If you do add food like things to your scrubs, just make enough for one use.  You can find lots of recipes for scrubs online.



Kristen Youmans Kristen Youmans 12/9/14 1:25 pm

I love my Bonne Bells and no, you certainly do not have to be a tween girl to love them all! I especially loved this one pink pearly gloss from years ago that tasted like strawberries…it came in a tube and was amazing!

Mother of god, now that’s one quality diy advice. Couldn’t even imagine you could do it yourself so easily. Thanks Colleen!


Melissa Melissa 6/2/15 11:17 pm

Great DIY tips. I have no idea how I missed this page for so long.

Awesome tips. The reason it is great is because it’ll fall into everyone’s budget. Nice write up.


Colleen, even if I have a fragile skin this tips works fine for me?

Look, I’m like the girl on the first image at my whebsite: http://cursomaquiagempelenegra.com

Thank you!

I face problem when winter is coming. My lips become so dry and use many products to get an organic moisturizer for wrinkles but not get fully satisfied. I can’t use body scrubs before when I read this great article. I really interested that and use that last 2 weeks and now I fill some change and now I said to you a lot of thanks. 

You have mentioned some great tips. I think most of the people faces the same problem during winter. I have never tried body scrubs but now looking forward to try it. Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

Capes by Sheena

brandiedavis brandiedavis 3/7/16 2:09 am

I love using body scrub i am also same to you i do not like too much make-up.I love Bonne Belle lip also .

brandiedavis brandiedavis 3/7/16 2:19 am

I love using body scrub i am also same to you i do not like too much make-up.I love Bonne Belle lip also <a href=“https://www.totalbeautysolution.com”>beauty tips</a>

brandiedavis brandiedavis 3/7/16 2:22 am

I love using body scrub i am also same to you i do not like too much make-up.I love Bonne Belle lip also<a href=’‘>beauty tips</a>

Amazing tips!! baking soda & sugar scrub is good for lips

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