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Tuesday February 10, 2009 7:48 pm

5 Ways to Romance Your Man on Valentine’s Day

2. Make a Fabulous Dinner

This is great in combination with #1.  Most guys have a favorite meal so go ahead and make it for him (even if it is something you aren’t too fond of).  He’ll be so happy that you took the time to cook for him instead of expecting an expensive dinner out.  If he likes everything, try this amazing, easy salmon recipe of mine. It’s so quick you’ll have extra time to go all out on dessert.

3.  Surprise Him with Concert/Event Tickets

Most guys dig live music.  If not they usually like something that can be live…. sporting events, monster truck shows maybe??  Whatever they love, how cool would it be if you stuffed two tickets to a show in a V Day card?  He’ll think you’re the coolest chic ever.  But make sure it’s one of his favorite bands/events and not yours (I doubt he would be impressed if you gave him tickets to see the Jonas Brothers or Dancing with the Stars on tour).

4. Take him Out to His Place

Most guys have a favorite bar that is definitely a man’s bar.  I hate that place, it usually reeks of beer and has every sporting event possible blasting on the TV’s. But I sacrifice every once in awhile and go there.  The food usually sucks but for some reason, your man loves it.  He’ll be so happy if you say “hey, I’m taking you to Stinky’s Pub sweetie, just cuz I love you”. 

5. Man Gifts

So if none of that appeals to you, and you just want to wrap up a gift and say “here honey”, you can still buy some thoughtful stuff.  His favorite magazine (or a subscription), a really nice watch (always a great gift), or even a stack of his favorite DVD’s.  Maybe he uses products (hair stuff, face stuff, etc.).  A nice bag of all his grooming gear would be a great idea. 

Whatever you decide, remember this is not just a holiday for us.  He wants to be loved too.  So think about his favorite things and go from there.  If we expect something thoughtful from him it’s only fair that we put some time and effort into a gift for them.



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